Yikes....... I put Wrong Elk antlers on Elk.... Help!

Submitted by Dave on 8/12/00. ( dlongacr@gwtc.net )

Somehow I had the wrong set of Elk antlers (too long of a story) and put on Elk form and just mounted last week! Just discovered I mounted wrong set of antlers. The cape was tanned by Golden State Tannery and now I need to know if there is a way of wetting skull.. taking out stitches and mounting the proper set of antlers! Surely someone has had a similar experience! Help......is this possible? Please respond or e-mail me.. thanks!

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/13/00. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )

We do it all the time on whitetails(soak them up--NOT mount with the wrong antlers-lol) You can do it on an elk-- but unless you have a swimming pool handy to drop the antler bases in, you'll probably have to wrap the area with wet towels until it soaks back up. then pop all your stitches after about an hour, and swap the antlers. This is one time that you should hope you DIDN'T use an epoxy paste--you could still swap them if you did, but it'll take more work to get the skin loose.
Good Luck

Daves Right!

This response submitted by Alan Easter on 8/19/00. ( jte@fgi.net )

We spray the seam and head area with water and then wrap a wet towel around the antler area. After that we cover the whole area with a plastic bag, come back the next day and your ready to take it apart. We once had a customer with a monster set of typical antlers that we were constantly swapping out with the reproductions of the same antlers so he could take it to sport shows. Joe Meder tipped us off to using velcro instead of sewing it back each time. you wont have any problem unless the poses are different! Good Luck

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