Where can i get some drawings to make a fleshing beam

Submitted by Leon on 8/7/00. ( wleon500@uwsp.edu )

Where can i get some drawings to make a fleshing beam

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Tan Your Hide!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/7/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

We carry a book titled "Tan Your Hide" by Phyllis Hobson. Although it doesnt have patterns - it has a lot of photos on the subject. It may be useful for building one. Our price is $11.95 plus postage. Click on my E-Mail above or you can order it from our Website. Simply click on Rittels here and it will take you to our on-line Website and Pricelist.

Fleshing beam drawings

This response submitted by Larry on 8/7/00. ( hidebeak@cpinternet.com )

The book, Taxidermy Shop by Jerry Schaefer contains the information you want plus plans and drawings for many other pieces of shop equipment you can make yourself. Suggestions for shop layouts are also included. It sells for $12.50 and is our item #2040. Visit our web site at www.hidebeak.com, e-mail, or call us at 1-800-777-7916 to order or request a catalog. You can also do so via our on-line catalog at our web site.

Fleshing Beam

This response submitted by George Roof on 8/7/00. ( georoof@aol.com )

Quickest method is to buy a 6 inch piece of septic PVC and saw it in half. Make a rocket nose on one end and support it with 2x4's attached with countersunk screws. Works better than any board you can make; no knots, no soft grain, and slick as a baby's butt.

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