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Submitted by Thomas on 7/13/00. ( )

I have always done my own tanning, but with the amount of work I've got right now, I'm going to have to send some hides off. Does anyone have any recommendations? The closest one in Texas is South Texas Fur Dressers or something like that, anyone used them? Thanks in advance! Thomas

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I can't but I will recommend myself

This response submitted by Brent Gorman - Dirty Creek Taxidermy & Tannery on 7/14/00. ( dirtycreek@hotmail.com )

Hello Thomas,

I can't answer your questions concerning South Texas Fur Dressers BUT I do own and operate a full-time Commerical Wet Tannery. I can give you some references / price list if interested. I have clients from all over the US. Give me a call (918)989-5465.

Give Tom A Call

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 7/14/00. ( arlcape@bright.net )

I was at Tom's (South Texas Fur Dressers) place a couple of summers ago. Coming from another tanner, I can safely say I don't think you'll be dissapointed in his work, give him a call and see if he can handle any new customers or not.


This response submitted by jeff on 7/14/00. ( gdkies@dmci.net )

Tom, not sure if need someone in Texas but we would like to offer our services. K&K Tannery in southern Michigan is family owned and are serving customers all over th U.S. We are accepting new clients and can offer turnaround of 30 days. Feel free to contact us at 517-523-3196, or by e-mail at gdkies@dmci.net. Thank you.

on tananeries

This response submitted by marta on 9/18/00. ( info@moytown.com )

Look up: www.moytown.com

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