Correct mixes For Lutan F

Submitted by Ron on 7/14/00. ( )

Could some one help with the correct mix for lutan F as Im a bit Mixed so to speak and here is my mix I use but dont have much succees with as yet

400 kgs water
40 kg salt
2 ltrs formic acid

PH level 3
salt 8-10

400 ltrs water
16-20 kg salt
6 kg of Lutan F

Ph is 4
Salt 5
I usually leave in this bath for 2-3 days.
How does it all sound from the helpful
all your assistance would be a big thanks


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Not Sure....

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 7/15/00. ( )

it sounds to me like your salt is a little weak in the pickle. Evidently your using weight comparisons, and you one to ten, salt to water. If you're going to use weight, go one to eight instead. We use one lb. salt to one gallon water (8 lb.) which gives you a 40% salt solution and works real good. I would also go with a little more acid, just keep adding a little until your p h is around 2.5 or less.

Mix your tan based on the drained, shaved weight of the skins going in. Use somewhere around 6% of the skin weight, try 8% for tans for rug work. As far as the amount of water for the tan, try to stay at a skin weight to water weight ratio of one to three or one to four, if you're using a wet wheel you can go with more water so the skins move better, but in a static tan you don't want to use any more water than needed to float the skins. Using lutan on a volume mix instead of weight percentage can give you some widely varied results.

Check your ph after the tan is mixed, and if you need to, add acid to bring it down to about 3, then add your skins. 24 hrs. in the tan is plenty for capes, if you are doing rug work leave them about 36 hours, then nuetralize to about 4.5 ph. do this over several hours, in a few seperate feeds.

Hope this helps, Keith

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