Source for Formic Acid/ Good tumbler sawdust or corncob dust

Submitted by brad ripp on 8/17/00. ( )

Anyone know a good source for formic acid or good hardwood sawdust or corncob dust? Thanks,

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This response submitted by George Roof on 8/17/00. ( )

Switched to John Rinehart's square cut hardwood sawdust about 20 years ago and never looked for any other. Kiln dried and super absorbant.

chemical company

This response submitted by dennis on 8/17/00. ( )

the last formic acid i bought i got from a chemical company in birmingham al. me and a couple other taxidermists bought several gallons in bulk at believe it or not for 7.25 a gallon and they delivered it to our door. you can buy borax in several different grades along with sodium bicarb soda ash (sal-soda) savings was incredible. hope this helps.

Hardwood sawdust

This response submitted by Mark on 8/18/00. ( )

Knoblochs offers an excellent hardwood sawdust that is the
finest around. This sawdust cleans very well out of the
hair, plus puts a nice finsh on. The other benifit of sawdust
over corncobb is that the corn cobb will need to be dried after
you use it, so it don't mold. The bags of sawdust are about
50lbs and sell for $18.36.


Formic Acid

This response submitted by Wayne S. on 8/30/00. ( )

The only two places I know to get formic acid from is Dixieland Taxidermy Supply and King's Taxidermy Supply. Hope this helps you.

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