Looking for a tannery in the WVa, Md, or Pa. Tri-State Area

Submitted by L. Schetrompf on 8/18/00. ( schetrom@intrepid.net )

I have a deer hide that needs to be hair on garmet/rug tanned. I would not be able to get the result that a commeriacal tannery would recieve and have no idea where there is a tannery close to my area.

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A tannery that can serve you

This response submitted by Ron on 8/18/00. ( )

We are located in central NJ. Only 1-2 day delivery from the WV, MD, PA area. If interested, give us a call or email us.

Tanning for Taxidermy Corporation
26E Kearney Street
Unit C
Bridgewater, NJ 08807



Arlington Cape

This response submitted by Art on 8/18/00. ( hursey1@sota-oh.com )

Call Keith at Arlington Cape in Ohio. They're great.

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