when to wash/how much fleshing before salting

Submitted by Brad Ripp on 7/17/00. ( rippbj@2mawcp.usmc.mil )

I'm new to tanning and using EZ 100. If fur has blood on it, do I wash it before the first salting or when? Do I turn the nose/eyes/lips as if ready to mount prior to salting or do I rough split it and do the fine work later. If later, when? Thanks,

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Keep it dry!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 7/18/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

If you recieve a bloody skin - the best thing to do is to rinse it in cool to cold water to remove the excess blood - BUT - after rinsing, damp-dry the fur or hair. Use either sawdust or towels to do it, but remove any excess moisture. This especially true when salting. You dont want the skin lying in moisture and destroying the epidermis. Remember that bacteria grow in darkness (rolling or folding the skin), heat (warm areas) and moisture. To save extra work (like above) - I like to recieve the bloody skin or cape, and if its dry already - I skin it out (do not wash out the blood), flesh it, turn the lips, eyes, nose and ears, then salt it for 1-2 days to let it drain, then shake off this original salt, and resalt it for another 1-2 days, shake it good, and hang it to dry hard! When I'm ready to tan it, I first rehydrate it, and since its bloody, I use our Blood-Eater product to rehydrate it. This cleans up the blood and softens the skin. Once soft, I rinse it well, and then place it in the pickle. DONT wait to clean up the blood once the skins are in the pickle - the pickle tends to set the blood and its difficult to remove.

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