Alligator tanning

Submitted by Mark Merchant on 8/18/00. ( )

I wish to tan three large alligator skins for leather. I am looking for clues, helpful hints, products, etc.

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Contact me for info!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/18/00. ( )

I believe I can help you Mark! Please click on my E-Mail address above. As a representative for Sentry/BASF products we have access to a broad spectrum of leather tanning agents, oils and other products.

Save your self time and $$$ Mid Kan Tan

This response submitted by Mark on 8/21/00. ( )

Art at Mid Kan Tan will be able to tan and dye it if you
want and is very reasonable. Give him a call and let him
know that you would like him to tan it and make leather out
of it for you and then that way when you get it you can get
right to work with it. Arts phone # is 316-225-4120.

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