Seminole Fur Dressing

Submitted by Stone on 7/19/00. ( )

I have recieved price lists and information from several tanners. The ones that I am considering are Arlington Cape, South Texas Fur Dressers and Seminole Fur Dressing.
I have never used a commercial tanner before. After researching the subject I have decided it is the way to go.
I have heard great things about Arlington and South Texas but Seminol would be closer since it is located in Alabama and I am in East Tennessee.
If any of you have used them,or have visited their operation please let me know what you think.
By the way, I am mainly interested in whitetail capes.
Use my Email if you like. Thanks.

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Seminole Fur

This response submitted by Bill on 7/19/00. ( )

I use Seminole quite a lot.Jimmy Lumpkin does very good work. If you want whitetail capes done, I would advise his wet tanning. Capes are double shaved, and are very thin. Good stretch too. He will ship them back to you frozen. There is no harm done if they thaw out.


This response submitted by Ken on 7/19/00. ( )

Jimmy does alot of our capes each year. He does an excellent wet tan.

Carolina Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Todd B on 7/19/00. ( )

If you are in Tennessee then Carolina is not far from you either. I
have used them and they are very good. They did my deer capes and also
a black Hawaiin Ram cape. They did a very good job on all. I do not
have the Phone # handy but I will look for it if you are interested.

Todd B

Arlington Cape

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 7/19/00. ( )

I got to see some capes by Arlington and I was amazed.
I have never seen capes so thin, there is no need to stretch.
I had been tanning all my own capes but not anymore. Once they start rolling in I know where they are going.
They have a great turn around time and the end product was great..
Charles Gossett

not to badmouth....

This response submitted by deer woman on 7/20/00. ( )

...but Seminole did some wet tans for me about 4-5 years ago. Some deer capes, a skunk, a possum, and 3 red foxes.I will never use them again! The deer really shrank while drying, i mean badly ( i had used Carolina FD wet tan on deer and it was fantastic). The skunk and possum had little stretch, the noses and feet were dry and would not rehydrate any more, and the foxes were the worst- they hadn't even shaved them( or fleshed/wire wheeled) AT ALL, plus the fur was full of tanning oil that i had alot of trouble washing out to clean the fur. The only good about any of these skins was the fur was very tight, no ear slippage on the foxes. I do not know of their dried finished tans, they might be better, but i do remember John B saying they screwed around on a black leopard he sent them. Carolina FD is VERY good, but I'm not sure if they are taking any new customers yet.Just my 57 cents, if anyone wants to disagree with me, go right on ahead. I don't mean to put down Seminole, but the product i got from them was awful.

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