East, Coast Tannery

Submitted by Kristoph on 8/28/00. ( skinme2@aol.com )

This isn't an advertisement as I have no proprietary stake in this business and do my own tanning with Steve Rotramels auto tanners and would never go back to a commercial tannery after some of the nightmares I've experienced over the years with different commercial tanneries.The owners are however friends and I payed a visit to them today, what a tight run customer pleasing operation, from kitty cats and chocalate labs to Musk Ox these guys pay the strictest attention to everything that enters the shop. The experienced shavers impressed me greatly and I had the opportunity to overhear a phone conversation with a customer that wasn't 100% pleased, Let me tell you: these guys go the distance to make things right. Looking for a new tannery or have some tanning questions and you can't find Bruce Rittel? Give them a call 1-877-TAN-FURS Eric Joe or Keith will help you out

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some clarification needed

This response submitted by Kris on 8/28/00. ( skinme2 )

that last post was in no way putting down any commercial tanneries as there's plenty of good ones out there. I just felt I needed to mention these guys because they work so hard to please.......

I have

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 8/29/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I too have used East Coast Tannery, and have enjoyed there work. I sent them some caribou this year and had great sucess with them. Eric even called me to ask how I fleshed them? The reason being is when I flesh them I have a tendency to flesh and shave at the same time.So only one caribou got shaved down. This is my fault not their's LOL.
(I use a mini-flesher to flesh hides) They had a great turn around time.
Not much more to say as Kristoph did say it all.

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