How Much Sawdust?

Submitted by Dan T on 8/22/00. ( )

I have an electric dryer that I converted to a Tumbler.
My question is,How much sawdust should I put in to tumble Deer
capes ( I'm doing only 1 at a time)If any one can advise I would
be much grateful. Thank You

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/22/00. ( )

Many years ago, when I used one of those for deer, I just filled it
to the bottom of the door. Of course, that level will vary depending
on the brand and size of your dryer. but this really isn't a critical situation- fill it to the door, tumble a skin(only one at a time), if it isn't drying good after about 5 minutes, then you probably should use more tumble mix next time. (also, if you are doing multiple skins, you should replace or refresh your tumble mix between each one----just to make sure it stays dry)

hope that helps


This response submitted by Dan T on 8/24/00. ( )

Thank You for your help Dave, I will Add more sawdust.
It's nice People like Yourself ,Bill Yox,George Roof ,Deer woman
and many others(Too many to mention) That makes this Forum Fun,
Educational,and Exciting.I Thank You All and Keep up the good

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