Relaxing African capes

Submitted by Don Sherpy on 8/30/00. ( )

I just recieved a variety of tanned African plains game capes. They are quite soft but need to be relaxed before mounting. I have checked the archives but did not really find the question and answer so please bare with me. Do I need to soak in cool water and then bag and place in the frig or is salt in the water needed? How about a little Lysol? Will I need to do much stretching before making my measurments for the forms? I also have one Water buck that has had the horns pulled and one that has not. They are close to the same size. Will the one need to be pulled? Thanks in advance.

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One more question

This response submitted by Don Sherpy on 8/30/00. ( )

I forgot one......After I rehydrate, can I freeze the capes until I am ready to tumble to dry and mount or should I let them dry and rehydrate when ready to mount? Thanks again!

Relax R

This response submitted by Mark on 8/30/00. ( )

You can rehydrate them skins with our Relax R, at a ratio
of 1 oz of Relax R 3 oz of salt to each gallon of water.
This will help soften up the skins and put some stretch into
them. No real need for the lysol, being they are already tanned.
You should be able to freeze them once you do get them
rehydrated. You can get Relax R from our online shopping
website that is very easy to use, or form one of our 28 dealers
thats close to you. If you or anyone would like to have one
of our free products and technical booklet contact us for one. 303-666-9045

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