After putting the tanning sulution and oil to make it soft

Submitted by leon on 8/31/00. ( )

I been tanning this raccon, I already finished the tanning and already put the oil #1 to make it soft, Now what is next. Do i have to wash the skin and dry it up again? I want to keep it in top of my TV, but I do not want it to smel like the oil or the tanning solution smel. I also want the hide to feel no Oily. Any sugetions about the last stages in tanning to make a hide presentable an nice


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Breaking the skin

This response submitted by Mark on 8/31/00. ( )

You can break the skin over a dull edge like a piece of
rope or 2x4. You can even take a piece of sand paper and
sand the flesh side of the skin, this will help break it
down. You do not want to wash the skin again, it will dry
even stiffer. After working the skin most of the smell of
tan or Oil will not be noticable. If you have a tumbler
you can tumble it, You may not have access to one? You
can even put some felt on the back of it as well.

Dry Clean it!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/1/00. ( )

Dry cleaning it will clear up any superficial oil and tanning odors. But first - since you want to keep it as a throw piece, I'd sand the flesh side to a nice suede and then get some sawdust, and Odorless Mineral Spirits from the hardware store, mix them in a garbage bag - then throw in the skin and bounce it around for 5-10 minutes, and beat and shake out the sawdust. The skin should now be ready. I am assuming that you have already "worked" it soft by breaking it after tanning, oiling and drying.

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