Looking for a good tannery in the midwest

Submitted by Ramo Decker on 8/24/00. ( Radecker@mankato.k12.ks.us )

I have decided to sell some tanned hides, and I am looking for a good tannery to tan a few coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, and foxes. This summer I was in Minnesota and saw a lot of tourist shops selling coyotes for about $30. These shops must be getting a heck of a deal on thier tanning. I can't tan them myself that cheep. Is there anyone out there wo can?

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The Best Is K&K Tannery

This response submitted by Bob Doucette, Jr on 8/24/00. ( )

Hi Ramo,

If you really want the best work done ever.. Go to K&K Tannery..
I have been with them for more than 4 yrs or so.. Gary is the owner.. It's family owned.. They are really good people.. Will do your hides on time or close to what they promise.. Here's there email address:
Tell them Bob from Ohio sent you to them.. You'll be very happy with them.. Thanks, Bob


This response submitted by Tom on 8/25/00. ( )

Wow cost you more than 30 bucks to tan a hide yourself what ya using that new platnium tan..lol just kidding guy quit showing teeth..lol Try sivko furs in NY state

Any fur dresser

This response submitted by Kieth Daniels on 8/25/00. ( arlcape@bright.net )

They do work cheap, but you'll still be pushing it to sell coyotes for $30.00 and make anything check the national trappers site, I think they have some dressers listed. Try nationaltrappers.com I think that's the right addy

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