Any Tanneries in Wisconsin, around oshkosh.

Submitted by Leon on 7/25/00. ( )

I will be moving to the University of Oshkosh Wisconsin, I am 24 years old. I would like find a tannery around the area where I could work for a couple of months, I will be satisfy with a small pay, I just want to learn and practice tanning skills, I am not interested in mounting, only in the tanning part, I am a computer major, but my hobby is home tanning and I want to learn more, I have been tanning for the last few months at home and I love it, any ideas, please email me


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Fur Dresser

This response submitted by John M on 7/25/00. ( )

Leon, the closest tanner that I know of is Yost Fur Dressing in Sturgeon Bay. That would be a long drive.

John M.

OshKosh -

This response submitted by Dan on 7/25/00. ( )


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