Do ticks cause slippage?

Submitted by Brad on 8/27/00. ( )

I'm tanning my first deer cape and have slippage in little circles around several different ticks (one or two dime sized!). I've salted, dried hard, relaxed and it's been in safety acid pickle for several days. No more slippage now but the damage is done. I'm working in a garage and couldn't get the skins to dry for about 5 days because of heavy rain and dampness. I've since bought an air conditioner and think that problem is gone now. Do ticks cause a bacteria and slippage, or do you think I just didn't get it to dry fast enough? Also, any tips on hiding the spots? Lost? Thanks.

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i also have wondered

This response submitted by craig on 8/28/00. ( )

Gidday.brad your not on your own.i just finished a red stag which was infested with ticks and i mean infested hunderds of the little critters.ive seen a few before hand and they do effect the ears seems to effect the area like a mange,so they obviously do dammage ether bruise and kill the surounding area or maybe do inject some sought of bacteria which effects the apperace greatly also ive found the hide to be very week and tears easly.the only thing ive done is usually airbrush say the tips of the ears to cover the color loss etc.anyway hopefully someone else can shed some light also.Craig

Yes they do

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 8/28/00. ( )

Ticks will damage the hide and hair folicles. The deer
also rub those areas. On many of the deer I mount, you
notice either dime sized areas where the hair is starting
to grow back from tick marks, or small bald spots. Just
repair them like a small bullet hole - cut them out and
sew them up. If you don't, they will show on the finished
mount. Good luck!

Not Really Slippage

This response submitted by George Roof on 8/28/00. ( )

The phenomenon you describe is really not slipping. Yes, fleas and ticks do cause the animal to lose hair. How many times have you heard the old Westerns referring to a "flea bitten coyote"? Fleas, ticks, and mange can cause a temporary loss of hair on any animal. Slippage, conversely, refers to the actual spoilage, rotting, and sloughing away of the epidermal layer holding hair follicles. This ig GOOD hair that just falls off during tanning or mounting.

so what youre saying is...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/29/00. ( )

...and I agree, that these pests cause the hair loss indirectly through rubbing and scratching from the host. George, do you think maybe thats what I have on MY knoggin'? See, now I didnt really ever believe you guys telling me that it was slippage...

The hair was there before processing

This response submitted by Brad Ripp on 8/30/00. ( )

I don't believe they were bald before I started. It looks like the epidermis deteriorated around the ticks. Again, they took about 5 days to start to dry a bit. Can I get away with cutting out spots and sewing around the ear buts? Thanks,

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