when to degrease bear skins and with what?

Submitted by kelly on 9/3/00. ( )

i use an acid pickle ,shave,neutrilize,rinse,spin,liqa tan,rehydrate in salt water,spin and mount.last year i did my first bear rug with this procedure with the exception that just before i mounted it i washed in dawn soap and water then rinsed well.i figured if dawn cuts the grease in birds it should work on baers.if theres another way to degrease using this pickling and tanning process let me know at what point to do it and what to use,or if what i did the first time is ok tnen let me know also.thanks to all those who reply.

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This response submitted by mike on 9/3/00. ( )

Kelly contact Bruce Rittel http://Rittelsupplies.net
But after re-reading this anyting over a shld. mount I send out I have found it to be less headache anyhow Bruce has a super solvent that works great for me on greasy animals and I do alot of bears

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