after liqua tan, what else?

Submitted by leon on 9/3/00. ( )

I believe after liqua tan, then goes rehydrate with salt water, what else do I do after that, should I washed in regular water to get the salts of the hide? before mounting, I was thiking that if I just take it of the salts water then the hide will be "all salty". well if I washed with regular water to get all the salts of the hide, then should dry it out with the saw dust in the "trumble" ?

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This response submitted by Chris B. on 9/3/00. ( chrisbos )

Salt-rehydrate-flesh-wash-then liqua tan.

Look in the WASCO catalog for detailed instructions.


Go to our website

This response submitted by Mark on 9/7/00. ( )

You can also go to our website and click on LIQUA TAN.
This will give you all the instructions. After you
Liqua tan then just rehydrate in plain water. If you want
to swabb with oil about 18 hours later you can. So when you
rehydrate it just use plain water. Sorry my computer has
been down.

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