Safetee acid question

Submitted by Doug Sinniger on 9/11/00. ( )

I am going from formic acid to safetee acid. I have left my own skins in formic for over a year with no problems. Is there a limit to the shelf life of leaving skins in saftee acid? I like to store my own stuff this way as to get it out of the freezer, but generally don't get at it for awhile.

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Saftee Acid is very stable!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/11/00. ( )

Saftee Acid is also very stable - but like any acid used for long term, be sure to check the Ph every 2-3 days and stir it on a daily basis. One nice aspect of Saftee acid is that it doesnt evaporate and has no odor like Formic does. And at its low Ph it steriles your skins and capes from bacteria - Dont add a Bacteriacide!


This response submitted by Doug Sinniger on 9/11/00. ( )

Thought I would try something else before my lungs shrivel up and colapse.

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