is my tape measure broke

Submitted by Dan on 9/9/00. ( )

I've been messing with taxidermy for awhile and just baught an atou tanner. My question is this I always used tanneries for my tanning and did my own measurements and stuff fit fine now I'm tanning my own and all my skins seam bigger I take my measurements from the carcus so I can get close.but thing just don't look like they fit I havn't tried to mount any of these but they look BIG! will the skins skrink alot once they dry.I've been trying mount right out of the tan.

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tape measure broke

This response submitted by terry on 9/10/00. ( )

Dan they will shrink up I don't have an Auto-tanner but tan all my own skins and when they are wet they look big but when the dry they become very dry and stiff.Then I rehydrate them and they are fine.I would lay them out and measure the cape when it comes out of the tanner and order my mannikin from that measurement and the measurement from the animal this should get you close.I haven't used a commercial tanner but have seen their capes at conventions and they appear small to me.I noticed you e-mail address is similar to a taxidermy shop name near me and wondered if we might be neighbors I don't know the owner of the shop.I'm from Carbondale,Pa e-mail me if I'm right.


This response submitted by MarkV. on 9/10/00. ( )

The skin will actually be bigger comming out of the autotanner. I always measure my capes after tanning because of this. You will have shrinkage on your mounts as they dry especially using the tanning crystals (alum tan) I have switched from the tanning crystals and am currently using ez-100 in the machine will great results and less shrinkage. Using Proplus oil from Rittels will help with the shrinkage even if you are using the tanning crystals. Make sure you do not skip the oiling process or you will lose the stretch. Good luck, MarkV.

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