simple but good tanning method

Submitted by wayne rollins on 9/5/00. ( )

i'm looking for a good but simple method for tanning. i have been told several times to use pro plus oil. i currently use liqua tan and i am not getting the stretch out of the hides i should.what is a good pickle? and process for the pro plus. i pickle in saftee-acid and am satisfied with the results.any answers will be thankful. deerwoman about the hides smelling in the pickle it was the solution i changed it and everything is fine now.

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This response submitted by Rob Patton on 9/6/00. ( )

I use EZ100 when I tan my own stuff. I have tried alot of different tans and EZ100 beats them all, hands down. There is very minimal shrinkage. All of my competition pieces I tan myself with EZ100 due to my dislike for the lutan-f properties that most tanneries use. That and the fact that in most cases, I have yet to get back a hide from a tannery that is as good a job as I can do myself. Large bears, sheep, questionable skins, ect., I would surely send out, whether it is mine or not. All of my client skins go out unless the client wishes to pay the extra $100 (for a deer cape) for me to tan them myself.

Im not saying that tanneries are bad. They do an excellent job for commercial work. They are cheap, fast, handle large skins easier and can save those skins that may be iffy. You know the ones where the client brings in a deer that was kept in a refrigerater for 2 weeks after shooting it. I just do a better job myself with a good deer cape. I wish I knew of a tannery that used EZ100. Maybe someone knows of a place and is willing to mention it here.

Tanneries that use EZ-100!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/6/00. ( )

Thanks for your response Rob. I agree with you on EZ-100! It's simple to use and provides a good piece to work with. If you need a Tannery that uses it - check out our Rittels website at - hhtp:// - go to our on-line pricelist and you'll find a button with a list of all the Tanneries now using EZ-100 exclusively, plus addresses and phone #s. They include: Bear's Den (WY), Bucks County Fur Products (PA), Champion Tannery (WI), Gameland Fur Dressing (PA), K&K Tannery (MI), Oregon Tannery (OR), Wildlife Gallery (MI)! If you need more info - always feel free to contact Rittels.

Wayne - If you need information on tanning with EZ-100 - Contact me and I can forward our Rittels instructions to you. Simply click on my E-Mail address above in the header and leave me a note.

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

only 2 weeks?

This response submitted by deer woman on 9/6/00. ( )

Try 4 weeks in the fridge! I had a customer do just that, auto tanned that one, and it was fine, actually it would have been fine regular old fashioned tanning too, it didn't really smell too much and the hair was tight.

I too like ez-100, and have fallen in love with it and that pro plus oil( and safety acid too). Last order i got a gallon of pro plus. I get so much stretch with my shop tanned ez-100 / pro plus skins, plus they dry with almost no shrinkage. Just make sure you mix the ez-100 up in hot water before you put it in the salt water mix. I prefer wet tanning, and even wash them in detergent before mounting. What i do is let the skins dry a little to let the oil set in with the tan, then wash, tan doesn't wash out and the oil has already bonded, but i get the surface oil and oil in the fur out.


This response submitted by Mark on 9/12/00. ( )

You already have the best tan their is, and the Number 1
in house tanning method that their already is.
Just a few questions to you, how wet are the skins when
you LIQUA TAN them, if they are too wet then you may get a
little shrinkage. You should try our Tanning oil #1 for
lubercating, and retention. Are you drying your skins out
all the way? You can sweat them in the frig over night.
If your looking for a submersable tanning agent you can use
Para Tan, Which is used by thousands daily. We have
different tips to help you out with the LIQUA TAN. Many

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