Shaving a White Rhino

Submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 9/15/00. ( )

L dont know if its a sign of growing old or whether its from inhaling too much dry preserve in bird work over the years , but when l was recently offered a white rhino , for my collection,-- well l said yes.l have been told to take some heart pills as it is the size of a small automobile !
lt arrives tomorrow, and unfortunately in Australia there are no tanneries capable of handling anything larger than a good size deer.

Now l have used an electric wood plainer on a smaller black rhino, this worked fine on a dry hide, but l want to know is there any other hand held machine capable of shaving these thick hides?. Air powered would be a preferance as in Australia, our electricity is 220 volt, though l could use a transformer on an American machine to break it down.l would appreciate any advice.

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Good luck!

This response submitted by Doug Sinniger on 9/15/00. ( )

I would try one of those chainsaws that you see at the lumberjack competitions. The ones with the 3 foot exaust pipe. LOL

Australian voltage and tanneries

This response submitted by Sandy D.O.A.Taxidermy Australia on 9/17/00. ( )

Gary, I'm sure you must have made a typo, and would know that we have
240 volts in Oz, although a lot of equipment does run on a lot less
already as they have little transformers in them, a lot of them down
to 6 v.
You can take some 110v (or thereabouts) tools down by using a simple
240v model train transformer, others a bit more techo.
I know this one will sound strange, but you could always try and
electric sheep shearing handpiece to do this hide. Take ever second
tooth out of the comb, sharpen it all up, make a little depth guage
on it so you can't go too deep, and away you go....

All done...

This response submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 9/18/00. ( )

Thanks for the advice and e-mails we received on this project, after a few trials with fleshing knives and such, we -2 of us- have just spent a marathon 15 hours with, of all things ,scalpels and lots of disposable blades. We were able to carve large slabs of plate, similar to that on a boar, up to 1 inch thick off the semi moist hide. So ,after the first pickle there should only be a minor amount of shaving required.
Thanks again

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