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Where do I get salt for salting hides and capes, what kind of salt is it, and which ones do i stay away from. Thanks

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SALT is SALT (Just do not use SALT with Iodine or Rock salt

This response submitted by Green horn on 9/22/00. ( )

Here is the adice I got,( I am new to this too) I am currently going through the process of tanning my first coon.

But I was told to use canning salt without iodine. I think the iodine could color the hide. (not sure).

Also I was told you need a fine salt. Kosher salt and rock salt will not be fine enough to absorb into the hide.

Heck, I have been able to get 25lbs of canning salt at the local groc. store. I would order it, but you have to pay shipping by weight.

good luck from someone new too.

Go to a feed store

This response submitted by Todd B on 9/22/00. ( )

Just go to the feed store and tell them you want grain salt. It is
the salt farmers add to the grain for the cattle. I get it in 80 lb
bags for about $8.00. Do not quote me on the price it has been a while since I bought

Todd B

Cargill Top-Flo

This response submitted by Kristoph on 9/22/00. ( )

Cargill Top-Flo food service industry salt at Agway, 50lbs for 5 bucks.At Agway you can actually ask for "taxidermy" salt and they know what you're talking about......

Mortons Kleer Mixing Salt

This response submitted by Steve B. on 9/23/00. ( )

I use Mortons Kleer Mixing Salt, this salt is very fine and
desolves Quick.I have less hair slippage with this salt than any other.I use 12lbs of salt to 5gal of hot water,let cool before putting in hides.I also use one hide per 5 gal bucket.You can get this salt from any feed store,if they don't have it they can order it.

cheap salt

This response submitted by Dan (Dan,s Taxidermy) on 9/23/00. ( )

If there is a Farm & Fleet store in your area, check them out. I buy my salt from them, its called mixnfine. Costs $3.50 for 40 pounds.

All this salt talk is getting me thirsty

This response submitted by Pete on 9/24/00. ( )

You can also buy plain table salt at your local restaurant
food supplier. I usually buy a 50Lb bag for $4.25

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