Tanning a cottontail for mounting

Submitted by Dave Jones on 9/18/00. ( )

OK, all you small mammal taxidermists, How do I tan a cottontail for mounting without ripping it to shreds? I am new to this, and have the hide skined down to the nails. I managed to skin it without destroying it :o)

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This response submitted by Todd B on 9/18/00. ( trigger@indy.net )

I would just like to congratulate you on skinning the darn thing. I have
tried a few of these and hated every one of them. I can just look
at a rabbit and holes seem to appear.

Todd B

Have fun

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 9/18/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I to like tan all my mammals including rabbits and weasels lol. What I like to is after you skin it out salt it just like you do a deer hide, shake and resalt, ley dry. After it's dry rehrydrate and pickle. After you pickle you can then take it to a bird flesher or a wire wheel. you can then take off the thin membrane rabbits have. From there I will palce it back in the pickle over night then neutralize ,and tan.


This response submitted by Dave Jones on 9/19/00. ( )

Thanks for responding! OK what about the ears? I really want this thing to look good, and last.


This response submitted by Brad Ripp on 9/19/00. ( rippbj@2mawcp.usmc.mil )

I mounted a couple of snowshoe hairs. They came out pretty good. I split the ears half way and just positioned them and let dry. All I can say is that I'd leave the ears carded very well for a good two weeks. Mine were fine for a few days.......and then a week later I look over and they weren't quite so fine anymore. Not bad, but not fine. Good luck.

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