Tumble grit sticking to oily skin?

Submitted by Brad Ripp on 9/18/00. ( rippbj@2mawcp.usmc.mil )

I use EZ-100 then pro-plus oil and let sweat. I towel briefly and then tumble with hair out for 15 minutes with corn-cob grit and fur dressing glaze. The flesh side is covered with dust/grit when done. I blow off with air, but it doesn't clean it off very well. Questions: 1. Does this hurt the hide paste adhesion? 2. How can I avoid this? 3. Can I clothes pin the top and bottom to keep the dust out of the inside?
I don't want to thoroughly dry the inside because I'm a bit slow mounting and it starts to dry too much. Thanks.

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tumbler grit

This response submitted by Terry on 9/20/00. ( katydidone@earthlink.net )

Brad you might try wiping the flesh side with a rag dampened with mineral spirits this will cut the surface oil and help remove the grit.The best tumbler mix is commercial sawdust for skins.Corn cob grit is usually used for birds.Also you can use towels in the tumbler to absorb excess moisture but you may still have oil in the hair.Try the sawdust and mix a cup of mineral spirits with it.

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