ps-650 Bactericide and Basacrly experiences

Submitted by Leon on 9/25/00. ( )

I see this two diferent bactericide in my Van Dykes catalog, i was wondering what has been you experience with ps-650 Bactericide versus Basacrly and what would you recomend best


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This response submitted by John on 9/29/00. ( )

Leon,I personally dont think you could go wrong with either product,I havent had any experience with the first product ,but I do use the Basacryl and have not had any problems.You can call Van Dykes and they would explain any other questions you may have or better yet,call Mark Daniels at Knoblochs he will cut through all the hipe and really take the time to explain any questions you may have,I have been really impressed with him considering how busy he is,but he still takes time out to help answer any question you may ask. Sincerely,John

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