Commercial Tannery

Submitted by Fritz Riesinger on 9/25/00. ( )

Hello all I am a commercial tannery in Montana and I am offering you a chance to get all your skins back in 30-60 days, most of the time its less than that 2-4 weeks in most cases. I offer a Lutan f and formic tan, We can dry things out or wet tan whatever you prefer. Weve been in business for 6 years and have lots of references if you would like. I shave all the skins myself and am the sole operator of the tannery, and i gaurantee you will like the end product. Feel free to call at (406) 633-2676 or email for price lists. Thank you for you time and I hope I can be of service to you.

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mule deer capes

This response submitted by jeff thompson on 4/3/01. ( jeff )

could you please e-mail me a price list ? i live in utah and am new to taxidermy, also shipping charges . can capes be sent frozen? also i have been warned about having capes pickled only ,can you explain the difference ?

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