Opinions on the Dakota IV

Submitted by leon on 9/26/00. ( mith124@hotmail.com )

Wondering if you have the oportunity to used the Dakota IV, also wondering if there is anyplace where I could find second hand fleshing machines


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jeess I made a mess with my english

This response submitted by Leon on 9/26/00. ( mith124@hotmail.com )

What I was wondering is, if you have had the oportunity to use the Dakota IV, aslo if is posible to find this kind of machine second hand

Thank you


Dakota IV

This response submitted by John on 9/29/00. ( )

Leon,I purchased my machine last year and am very happy with it.One of the great benefits of its size are that you can really get into the facial area of a deer and really thin it down and I mean the eyes too.I dont have to use any other tool to thin down my eyes, just my fleshing machine.The cost of the machine is very affordable for those folks who want to step up to a machine.Hope this info might help you.

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