Tanning coyote

Submitted by S. Poirier on 9/26/00. ( )

Would Lu tan F be a good way to tan hides for just to hang on a wall? I have a chance to tan a coyote hide. I have Rineharts tanning cream but the hides seem to schrink somewhat. I also have the lu tan and the tanning oil. Thank you for any help.

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This response submitted by MARK on 9/26/00. ( Knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Lutan will work fine, make sure you use a good degreaser.
If you have the lutan use it, if not you can get some Para Tan
or LIQUA TAN, The Para Tan is an excellent replacement for
Lutan, you use less and its more cost effective. You will
also need some softening oil, what I would suggest is Tanning
Oil #1.




This response submitted by SENTRY/Custom Services on 9/27/00. ( sentry@ptd.net )

Hellow S. Poirier.
If you go for cost, you get what you pay for. LUTAN FN is a safe, effective, special Alum tanning compound that has been tried and true for countless years. It is effective in giving you the type of tannage that provides excellent hair retention and long pelt life.
SENTRY is the exclusive distributor for BASF leather chemicals in the U.S. As such we provide your suppliers with the full line of BASF leather chemicals as well as our own "wet end" products. E-Mail us or call us at 800-868-1454 and we'll provide you with suppliers or other information you request. Good Luck. Dave.

Sorry Dave Not True

This response submitted by Mark on 9/27/00. ( )


"If you go for cost you get what you pay for " Is NOT TRUE.
You get everything that you will need with Para Tan. Para
tan has been tested and tried for years, and years. Giving you
an excellent Quality tanned skin.

Lutan What?

This response submitted by South Texas Fur Dressers on 9/28/00. ( tvp@icis.net )

Dear Dave,

Last year you became the distributor for all BASF products, including
Lutan FN, for the taxidermy industry since we did not meet BASF's truck
load orders.

The fact is you significantly raised the price of Lutan FN. To the point
that a number of the commercial fur dressers that used the product stopped.

I had used Lutan FN for nearly 20 years. A number of years ago I did
the initial testing on Para-Tan. The results were significant. The
shelf life and overal results were very positive.

With the significant increase of Lutan FN last year I decided to switch
to Para-Tan, and am quite pleased with the results.

Any taxidermists who follows Knobloch's formula's for Para-tan will
have excellent results.

The fact is you pay for what you get by dealing directly with the
manufactuer rather than a distributor.

South Texas Fur Dressers

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