Any spray I can use to desinfect my are of work ?

Submitted by Leon on 9/26/00. ( )

I was wondering if there is a solutions spray or powder I can use to desinfect my are of work, I keep hearing that criters, raccons and skunks have a lot of (germs) rabies etc. There is anything I could put in the hide before I start skinning them to kill at least some of these viruse. I have this idea do not know if is good or not. I was thiking I should deep my hides in a bactericide solution before I hang them up to dry hard ( I will be trapping and putting all the hard pelts in storage, I will tanned them when trapping season is over). I wannted to do this to avoid any chance of hair sliping.....what you think....I am all open to comments


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You should Dry salt them,

This response submitted by Mark on 9/26/00. ( )

Don't know about dipping the skins, but I would
Recommend Salt drying these skins. If you want to put them
in a bacteria Cide to help stop any slippage do to bacteria.
You can place them in some Basacryl NBKU 1/8 oz per gallon
of water.




This response submitted by George Roof on 9/26/00. ( )

In a perfect world the answer might be different. Salting is not going to help what you're referring to, but there is no magic potion to eliminate the POTENTIAL for disease transmission. Sprays are topical and dips are not much better. When I have fleas and ticks, I spray the cape with permethrin, but you're still dealing with dead tissue. Tainted blood inside the skin could still affect you and many of the "exotic" diseases are unaffected by a lot of commercial products. Your BEST protection is eyewear, aprons, and rubber gloves. When you finish, wash or discard them where you won't come into recontacting them.

freeze them

This response submitted by jeff on 9/26/00. ( )

Other than deer unless I find a tick or flea,I put everything in the freezer for 3 or 4 days.It will kill all the bugs,but will not take care of blood born pathagons.Wear double rubber gloves and clean your work area with bleach.

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