Lutan ? Tell me more

Submitted by BigHorn Taxidermy Cody,Wy.307-587-5311 on 9/20/00. ( )

I've been in the buisness for 21 years, tanning my on work for 10 sulfuric and alum. I saw some lutan capes.They were soft and good color.Will it work on bison ,I'm sure it will.need input ,also corn cob.
Thanks Dean Rogers
Cody Wy.

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This response submitted by Todd B on 9/20/00. ( )

I have been using Lutan-F for about 5 years now. Although I am happy with the results
I am going to try something a little safer for home tanning. If
you go to the search portion of there is more info on Lutan.

Todd B

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