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Submitted by frank on 9/27/00. ( )

What problem could possibly occur from dry salting when using your alum tan in the automatic tanner? (I rehydrate first) thank you

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Been away....

This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 10/4/00. ( )

too long. Sorry I missed this question. We are coming out in some new distributor catalogs and I've been in a production panic. Dry salting is OK, though I prefer wet salting at most.

When a skin is wet salted, the interfibrillary (sp?) fluids are removed, but the intrafibrillary moisture is still there. That means the fluid between the fibers is gone but the fibers themselves are still wet.

Most tanning baths do not soak in to dry skins very well, and the thoroughness of the tan on a rehydrated skin will be governed in a very very large measure by how well rehydrated the skin is.

When you're talking about literally weeks in a tanning bath at a tannery, the rehydration is not as critical as when you're talking about just a few hours in the automatic tanner.

Hope this makes sense.

Regards, Steve

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