Submitted by Dan (Dan's Taxidermy) on 9/29/00. ( )

I recently bought some protex from Knoblocks, It smells like hair sheen, also from Knoblocks...was there a mixup or did they change the smell of Protex?

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Should not be any change

This response submitted by Mark on 9/29/00. ( Knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

We have not changed any formulas, I assume you got the
Protex Mt. Care ? If you are unsure, I would be glad to
have you send it back to me or a dealer

10675 Empire Rd
Lafayette, Co 80026

and I will be glad to replace it with another one.
Their's really no way to have a mix up, but I would be glad
to take care of you. You can also call or email me at
303-666-9045 Knoblochs@worldnet.att.net


Knoblochs Chemical Co.

That is what I call great customer service!

This response submitted by Leon on 9/29/00. ( mith124@hotmail.com )


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