Recomendations on videos about taxidermy and more

Submitted by Leon on 9/29/00. ( )

Hi everyone.
I have very new at taxidermy, I do it as a hobby (tanning) because I really like, so far I have tan three skins, so as you see I am very new, I have been reading a lot about it for over a year and I will try mounting this season. What I want is to buy some videos about
1. Skinning/ splitting eyes, lips etc
2. Fleshing
3. Tanning
4. Mounting for deer and /small mamals(I do not care for fish for now)

I have seen a lot of places selling videos, and I have no idea which ones are good or not. I been looking at the Van Dykes videos, and they seem good in paper. I was hoping you guys could recomemd me some good videos that I can buy, and not just waster my money in something that is no good. I am in collegue so I can not make it to seminaries or taxidermy school, so please any sugestions will be appreciate it.

I appreciate your comments


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This response submitted by Randall on 9/30/00. ( )

I have the tape on tanning by McKenzies taxidermy supply , it is very thorough and covers all areas of fleshng and tannng. It is a very high quality tape . Hope this will help.


This response submitted by John on 10/3/00. ( )

Leon,Van Dykes tapes-most are pretty good ,but the tapes from McKenzie are much clearer at explaining taxidermy procedures,also WASCO has some very good tapes with many of the best taxidermist to learn from.Sincerely,John

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