tanning help

Submitted by jon on 10/2/00. ( pineridge@ohiolinks.com )

iam looking for a tan to use in my auto tanner that wont cause hair slip .i was told ez100 and lutan does not tighten the hair. and have problem with hair slip unless you use pi641 pretan. ive been useing ez100 by the directions which dosnt call for pi641 and have hair slip to the point that iam afraid to tan.. My capes are salt dried
and clean and shaved,, cant figure this out need to no how others use ez100 in there auto tanner successfully or a tan they recomend..thanks

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EZ100 and autotanner

This response submitted by MarkV. on 10/2/00. ( fishspec30@centurytel.net )

Pi641 is preserve-it from Rittels. I have used the EZ100 tan exclusively in my autotanner and if following revised directions from Rittels I have had no problems with slippage and the hair is tight. E-mail Bruce for these specific directions. Rittel@ici.net The directions call to presoak in the pi641 and salt and then the ez100 is added later. This will solve your problems. If this is the wrong e-mail send me a note and I will E-mail you the directions. Good luck, MarkV.

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