caribou slip

Submitted by kv on 10/3/00. ( )

the mane on my caribou cape is slipping.i noticed it when i was neutrilizing the cape. i went ahead and liqa tanned it any way.the rest of the hair is real tight .my thinking is if im careful rehydrating and mounting and once mounted put the fans to it and get it dry ill save the mane from slipping any more .am i wasting my time or could this work.ive checked the archives and didnt find my answer,please help.

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Try stop slip, or similar

This response submitted by Damon on 10/5/00. ( )

Hi..if you can, mount it right away, rather than drying and rehydrating. I would think that would just be giving it more chances to slip.
I would also sponge or spray on something like Stop Slip. Put the fan on it while drying, because I mounted one some time ago, and even after the hair was dry, the hide took forever to dry, and we have low humidity here.
Also, try to groom/brush the area as little as possible, and I also saw a tip someone else mentioned on these forums, use a hide puller to 'taxi' the skin, rather than grabbing the hide with your hands.
Good luck with the 'bou!

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