Question about tanning.

Submitted by David Marqua on 10/7/00. ( )

I'm looking for a quality tannery to tan my mount skins. I would like to have them soft tanned instead of wet. First of all any recommendations? Also I am used to tanning my own skins and usually flesh all skins entirely (I mean clean) before salting. How much fleshing do I have to do prior to salting if I am going to send of skins. I guess what I'm asking is what would you define as "bulk" fleshing. Does this mean fleshing all of the meat off after the eyes, lips, etc., are turned? I am needing to create a quicker turn around since I work a full time job and tanning my own creates a headache at times. What is a good turnaround for a tanned skin. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Fleshing and Tannery

This response submitted by Gary Kies on 10/8/00. ( )

As a commercial tannery,we see all levels of fleshing from very good to not so good. Especially this time of the year when we receive so much work indirectly from outfitters. They make all our jobs more difficult, to the point of even loosing some nice skins/capes.

In direct response to your question, the better job of fleshing, the better job the salt will do, hence a better job of tanning. Also, you can cut down amount of pre-mounting detail work.

On the other hand, I sometimes hear our shavers say a that a piece can be too well-fleshed. They can't see their shaver tracks and have to be extremely careful with the piece.

Hope our views have been of some help, and if at some point we can help you with your tanning needs please feel free to contact us.

SIVKO FUR INC 40 years experience tanning (607)698-4827

This response submitted by Leslie F on 10/9/00. ( )

The better condition of the skins when they arrive at the tannery the better the finished product. We have a tanned skin that is soft, supple, and strechy. Our turn around is 6-8 weeks. We tan all American, African, and exotic skins. We have references upon request. You can reach us at phone(607)698-4827 or fax (607)698-4344 or send us an Email to Shipping address 3089 route 119 Canisteo, NY 14823. Thanks for you time and feel free to call if you have any questions or need a price list.

Leslie SIVKO FUR INC. tanning for taxidermist


This response submitted by Tom Szary (NATURES MAGIC) on 10/23/00. ( )

Dito on Sivko Furs,I was shocked at how fast my tanned pieces came back. The tanning was the best I have seen in years. I highly endorse them to all my taxidermy friends.

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