"HELP" Out of Safti-acid what to do?

Submitted by Mike on 10/24/00. ( miketina@wecnet.com )

I am tanning 5 deer capes and ran out of acid, they are neutralized and draining right now, I mixed my ez-tan up and didn't have enough acid to lower it, it reads about 5 on the ph meter, what should I do? shuold I let them drain then freeze? leave out until it comes in? it wont be here for a couple more days. Thanks for your help! Mike

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Try this

This response submitted by John M. on 10/25/00. ( madtax3@frontiernet.net )

Mike, You can also use plain white vinagar to lower the ph to 3.5-4.0 if your out of pickeling acid.
Hope this helps

John M.

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