Submitted by Gary on 10/11/00. ( )

I just turned the ears on two white tail capes and split the lips eyes
and cleaned around the nose area. My flesher has not arrived yet so I
salted to prevent slipping. Will this work or should I perhaps freeze
the hides until I get the flesher? Will I have to rehydrate before fleshing?
Thanks for the suggestions, Gary

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Dry it

This response submitted by John M on 10/11/00. ( )

Gary, your doing good so far. You should always salt it and dry it rock hard. Then rehydrate it and put in a pickel with a ph around 1-1.5. After it is pickeled for a few days then you can shave it. It shaves a lot easier after it is pickeled then raw. They can remain dried for a long period of time, so don't worry. Don't freeze it, your defeating the purpose with the salt on it.

John M.

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