home tanning

Submitted by Roy Holligan on 10/11/00. ( )

Can anyone suggest a good tanning formula to do in the shop rather than sending out?
Are these sur tan quick tans ok to use. How is Reinharts brush on tanning system work?
Thanks Roy

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Rittel's or Knoblochs

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 10/11/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

These are my two favorite tans that I use in house. I have never used Rienharts so I have no idea on how well they work. I can only tell yoo that if you want a good tan that works get a hold of these gentelman.

Rinehart's tanning

This response submitted by Kent Palazzo on 10/12/00. ( racksnfinstax@hotmail.com )

Roy, I had used Rineharts brush on tanning for a few years before I bought an Auto Tanner. They only problem I ever had was one or two capes seemed like they had shrunk a bit.A little tuggin to get them on the form. Otherwise it worked good for me. Good Luck, Kent

Deer skin rugs

This response submitted by Joseph R. Carruthers on 10/14/00. ( Gwjrcarr@aol.com )

I `m wanting to take deer hides and make rugs. Can you assist me in the right direction to get started. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you Joe

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