Ups Culprit

Submitted by Mark on 10/26/00. ( Knoblochs )

I had seen the post to the Capemaster, and as you can see
keith has great customer service, to solve any problems,
as well as a great piece of equipment. I as a distributor of
the Capemaster can tell you that I have many customers that
love their machine's, and have even had some that have bought
two of them. To the best of my knowledge the only time their
has been any trouble was if UPS HAS DAMAGED the machine,
even then Keith talked to the customer asked what was damaged
and then sent out the parts to replace the bad ones, and billed
Ups for the damage. The machine works great and runs fine,
if you have any questions or would like to talk with one of
our customers feel free to call and I will direct you their way.
They have either run or owned all the others as well and
like the Capemaster. Bottom line if you pick up the phone and
call you will get the customer service immediatly, not the next
day or not next week, NOW.

Mark Daniels


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Right on Mark

This response submitted by Art on 10/26/00. ( )

Keith is a great guy and will do all in his power to help...not for the money, but just because that's the way he is.

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