Capemaster fleshing machine

Submitted by Darroll on 10/11/00. ( )

Just curious, has anyone had any experience with the capemaster flesher? Would like info pro or con. Thanks, Darroll

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I would go with another model

This response submitted by Not Happy on 10/11/00. ( )

for the money I paid for it I was very dissappointed. It vibrates a lot, had broken screws in it (shipping) and had several small cracks in the cast hood. This was a brand new machine yet it looked worn and used. If I could do it all over again I would go with an eager beaver or a rawhide. This machine I have may be an isolated case, and the manufacturer of it did send a new mounting plate and screws, but for 1400 bucks I expected a heck of a lot more then what I got. Even the paint job was poorly done. I checked it with a micrometer and it has a heck of a lot of vibration in the blade. My whole work bench (which is pernamently attached to the wall/floor) vibrates when it is running. I hope noone takes this as a personnel attack, but if I can save someone else from wasting their money (1400!) then I kind of feel obligated.

Guess We Need to Talk

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 10/12/00. ( )

My fault Dave, since I didn't hear anymore from you, I assumed the new motor mount plate took care of the problem, the place that cuts the plates for us substitued 7 gauge for the 1/4" ordered, saying it was close to the same, but as you know it wasn't, so we trash canned a couple hundred dollars worth. The problem is solved now, we just went with 3/8" instead. Blades aren't perfect, but the face of the spindle should be within 10 thousandth's, if not, we need to get you a new spindle. We have figured out how to U P S proof the crates since yours was shipped, and haven't had anymore problems since.

I agree, the paint job isn't the prettiest, and I'm not real happy with it either, and told the body shop that I wasn't, that too has gotten better, but no, it will never have the look of some of the others, because to be honest with you, all that is good for is to catch the eye to make a sale, makes no difference how it runs. As far as cracks go, castings are almost never perfect, yes you will have sand holes and marks here and there, and yes you can fill and sand them so they're not noticable, but they're still there.

I always stand behind my work, and if you have a problem we need to straighten it out. If you're that disappointed with it, feel free to send it back C O D. Your total invoice was 1282.58 (1400?) inv. #2373, 05/01/00 the shaver was 1100.00 and crating and shipping, which included some other items too, was 80.58, but to make it simple, just double the shipping would be fine, bringing the total to 1261.16, then add 5.50 C O D for a total of 1266.66

We're not all perfect all of the time, but need to hear about a problem before we can fix it, and yes, I can give you names of people who have sent back other often mentioned shavers, and replaced them with ours. Fell free to contact me with any questions. Keith

I Like Mine

This response submitted by Gary Radtka on 10/13/00. ( )

I have one and have not had any thing go wrong with it. It runs smooth and I can even hear the phone ring when I am useing it. It is so easy to change the blade and to clean up.It is a good machine. Gary

As I said above

This response submitted by Dave on 10/13/00. ( )

First , Keith I apologize, I did jump the gun. I should have contacted you again and gave you the chance to work this out. Then again, you knew I wasn't happy and you could have followed up as well, esp if you have been having problems with some of your older spindles. The cracks in minw were neither filled or sanding. Big hole right in the top of the hood?

Like I said above, this may have been an isolated case? I will wait to see if Keith e-mails me back and how we can work out the details and see if it IS a spindle problem. The replacement mounting bracket did take some of the vibration out of it, but it still has way too much left. Hey if I can get this thing running great I will be the first to jump up and down and brag on it. I have owned a Quebec and used rawhide and eager beaver. To date the machine I currently have is the noisest and has the most vibration. This could very well be because of a bad spindle... I don't know, don't really care. All I want is a quailty, well running machine. Keith, as for the cost I overestimated it. You are correct on the price. But for almost 1300.00, I still expect a lot. Hopefully we can resolve the problem and I can come back to the forum with an update.

Dave Toms


This response submitted by Keith on 10/16/00. ( )

After your direct e-mail, I was kind of surprised to see your last response. Please go back and re-read what I said in the first letter, your questions are all answered there, and check your math, 1100 plus 80.58 is almost 1200, not 1300, but you're getting closer! And yes, I am going to contact the guy with the E B today, and if he still has it I'm sure you'll get an even up trade.


This response submitted by Dave on 10/16/00. ( )

Keith I was going off what you stated my invoice price was (see post above: "Your total invoice was 1282.58 (1400?) inv. #2373, 05/01/00" so I rounded off to 1300.00.


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