Help on tanning first elk hide

Submitted by David Freels on 10/12/00. ( )

I just recieved an elk hide to tan. Actually its a 1/2 hide (- the Cape). The guy told me that it had been fleshed the day of the kill and was salted and dry presertative was applied.

When I recieved it, it was frozen solid. I allowed it to thaw, took all of one day. That evening, I hung it up and allowed the hide to drain. The following am, I washed the hide with cool water and inspected the hide for damage. I found that there were areas of slipage on the rump area. I immediately placed it in a solution on 2 lbs alum, 2 lbs of salt and four gallons of water, slightly warmer tham luke warm. I gave this bath a good sturring twice a day.

I allowed it to stay in this solution for 4 days and removed it again for inspection. It now appears that hair is slipping in other areas as well. I have used this formula on whitetail deer and it has worked quite well for me in the past.

I now have the hide placed flat out with about 1/4 inch layer of salt over the hide.

IS there anything else I can do to help?

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