Need Gator tannery info

Submitted by Mark on 10/12/00. ( )

Yes i checked reptiles first. I just got a gator to tan being from Wi. we don't see alot of them here. Not interested in tanning it myself i would like info on a tannery and a price if you know it (can call them myself too) Also what do I need to do besides flesh it. Does anything need to be done with the head?

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Mark, you better sit down....

This response submitted by not this time.... on 10/12/00. ( not on your life.... )

Mark, I just turned two of the toothy buggers away. I tend to stick with
fur and feathers. But in talking to other taxidermists, I did find that
there is one operation in FL that fleshes with a chain saw, and uses
dry preservative. I bring this up only because the shop is reputable.
The only thought that came to my mind was glad I didn't take them in, cause
I don't own a chain saw! Mannikins aren't used either, wire armatures
are made for the feet, tail etc and packed with clay in small areas, rest is
filled through mouth with another material. going rate is around $1200 for a
closed mouth. Lots of luck..

Misunderstood question

This response submitted by Mark on 10/12/00. ( )

I just need to know where to tan it, its not going to be a mount. The tannery I use wants $63 p/foot plus 50% extra for the head, thought maybe someone would know of a tannery that maybe handles more gators and charges differently or is $63 pretty much normal. And what do I need to do with the head before it's shipped out? Thanks

Texas has good tanneries

This response submitted by Robert Sutton on 10/15/00. ( )

Advantage fur dressing in Houston, Tx. can tan your
gator.$25.89 a lin. foot. 1-713-868-1626

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