Looking for Fleshing Machine

Submitted by Lynn Schetrompf on 10/13/00. ( schetrom@intrepid.net )

I am looking for a fleshing machine, I have a mini flesher now and I understand that a regular fleshing machine is faster and does a much better job. I was looking at the Dakota V or the Dakota IV in the Van Dyke's catalog. Anyone have any input on these machines.

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This response submitted by Mark C on 10/13/00. ( srceight@novagate.com )

I've got a Dakota and like it just fine. There better machines out there but this one works great for me and was a good buy.


This response submitted by Lynn on 10/14/00. ( schetrompf@intrepid.net )

Thanks, I was wondering due to the price. I read in another forum about one that cost like 1400 dollars. I don't mount that many deer and wasn't trying to put that much into one. Once again, thanks

quebec "lite"

This response submitted by Paul on 10/16/00. ( )

Hi Lynn,

I have herd of a new economical machine for small shops, the quebec lite.
It seams to be great and very quite. At $375.00 it's the least expensive
full size machine on the market. Give them a call.


quebec "lite"

This response submitted by Lynn Schetrompf on 10/16/00. ( schetrom@intrepid.net )

Paul, Do you know how I can get intouch with this company? I would be able to compare the Dakota and it then purchase the best one. Which one do you think would be the better? Thanks for your help.


Information on the quebec lite

This response submitted by Jeff on 11/24/00. ( )

Hi Lynn,
In the last Taxidermy Today, there's a full color page on the quebec
lite. There phone number is 1-800-567-5080

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