Need tips on preserving skins on humid climate.

Submitted by Pedro Gonalez on 10/29/00. ( GOVP66@HOTMAIL.COM )

I have had problems with loose hairs with animals in general specially from rain forest hunts ( Cameron )I tan all my work
To prevent bad skins I want to give my clients a written explanation on how to preserve the skins as best as
Possible, so my clients donít have the urgency to send me the skins right away, that way they can be certain that their skins are ok.
I have the idea of telling my clients that after they get the skin properly caped and having lips , ears etc. turned out ok.
to wash the skin on soapy water to take off the bold and dirt , then submerge the skin in a salt and water mix super saturated with salt ( 3 gal water /8 pounds salt) and stir the skin many times leaving the skin in the bucket for around 6 hours then taking out and hang it for 2 hours on a fresh place not letting it dry to much then salt it as usual , changing the salt very often. On rain forest the problem is
that the climate is so wet that the salt is moist most of the time.
What would you suggest for rain forest and in general.( no freezer).
Thanks you all

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To tighten the hair

This response submitted by Mark on 10/30/00. ( )

What I would recommend is not washing the skin in soap,
This could cause some slippage. If the Ph of the soap is not
right, or it may even leave a residue, somtimes this will
open up the pores of a skin, may even be worse if the skins
not salt dried. If they want to wash or rinse the then in
plain water then thats fine, but then drain and salt well.
If you have a room to salt in then get a de-humidifier, and
good air circulation. The salt and water concentrate will
work fine at that rate, if you are going straight to a
pickle you can even add 1oz of Aluminium Sulfate Iron Free
to each gallon of water solution, this too will tighten the
hair but would not suggest this as a tanning agent. You can
even get some of my free technical catalogs that has some
of this info in it to give to then. Just contact us and
we will be glad to send you some to hand out. Handling of
raw skins is on page 2.



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