Tanning a beaver

Submitted by christian on 10/29/00. ( CKC@up.net )

Hello, i want to tan a beaver i trapped this morning,
should i salt it, or freeze it, or flesh it and strech it like i would ragularly, it may be a few weeks untill i get my tanning kit, so all help would be appriciated dearly,
also i want to tan the tail, can you tell me the best way to go about fleshing the tail, ill i have done to it is cut it off the beaver and froze it... thanks again, christian

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tanning a beaver

This response submitted by terry on 10/30/00. ( )

Hi Christian,
Just flesh your beaver and turn the lips,ears and eye skin inside out and salt it once for 24hrs shake off the salt and apply new salt and hang till dry.Then when you get your tanning kit soak the beaver skin in clean water and a bactericide to soften it.Then follow the directions on your kit.I am not sure on the tail but make a tracing of it and note how thick it is then skin salt and follow the preceding directions.While it being tanned you could make a form from foam to fit the tail.Hope this helps.

what is bactericide

This response submitted by Christian on 10/30/00. ( )

what is a bactericide? i am 15 years old and dont know to terrible much about taxidermy, but would like to lears some day...
so, uh laymens terms would be appricialted, as far as the tail goes i was planning on fleshing and tanning it beacuse i was going to make a knife sheath out of it.. any ways thanks again, christian

what is bactercide

This response submitted by terry on 10/30/00. ( katydidone@earthlink.net )

Hello again Christian,
Bactercide is use to prevent bacteria from attacking the hair side of the skin and causing slippage.Lysol can be used but I believe they change the formula and I'm not sure if it is still effective.If you don't have any or none comes with your kit don't worry too much.Beavers aren't like predators that seem to have alot of bacteria on them and slip easily.Once you soak the skin in water it will soften up and then put in the pickle and the bacteria will be killed by the acid in the pickle.If you have any more questions e-mail me.

preping the hide

This response submitted by Damon on 10/29/01. ( )

you need to degrease the hide before you apply the tanning solution.
first flesh the skin to remove as much flesh and fat as possible. then pour 2 or 3 gallons of kerosene in a large container and immerse the beaver skin in the kerosene. plunge for at least fifteen min. let soak another 15 min then plunge for another 5 min. after degreasing the skin should be washed in warm water and detergent. mix up 3 gal. of warm water and 3 tblspns of tide or other strong detergent. wash very well then rinse the soap out by plunging the skin in a clear water bath, make sure all the soap is out. then you can dry, stretch and salt it to keep it until your tanning solution arrives. also beaver hides are very thick and need to shaved or sanded if they are going to be used for garments.

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