once again chicken tanning advice wanted

Submitted by jeff on 10/30/00. ( gurekspenc@earthlink.net )

I hope I havent confused anyone. very simply I am an artist and want to know if anyone can tell me the safest fastest way to tan a de-feathered store bought chicken skin. or a tannery that could do it near new york city for a reasonable price. I need about 100 done. no joke--thank you.

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use a liquid tanning agent

This response submitted by jt on 10/31/00. ( )

if the skins need to be soft, then use a liquid tanning agent that will leave the skin pliable. if it doesn't matter if the skins turn hard, then you can just expose your chicken skin to the cold, that usually does it for me. no, just kidding you can use plain old powdered borax, but you need to remove all of the fat and nail 'em to a board or something rub borax all over them skins.

good luck and don't do anything too weird with your chicken skin,



This response submitted by Mark on 10/31/00. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

We have two products that will work great. You will need to
degrease the skins befor you do either tan.(Kemal 4 1oz per gal
2 to 3 hours) What you can do is if you use the Liqua Cure you use it at a 1 to 10 ratio.
(12 oz per gal water. ) Let sit in tan up to 5 hours.
No pickling needed for this method.

After you Degrease the skin ....
If you use the Para Tan you will need to run a pickle on the
skin for about 2 to 4 hours at a Ph of 3 then place the
skin in Para tan solution, You can use 1oz of tan to each
1lb of skins.

Contact me and I can go into more detail on this.


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