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Submitted by Randall on 10/16/00. ( )

What i need to know is , can you tan a cape that has dry preserative on it ? It is frozen now. I would be useing EZ-100 in a auto tanner. Thanks,

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 10/16/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

Yes you can but make sure you pickle the hide first before you tan it. I might even give it a quick wash to get most of the DP off. Also while your pickling it, watch the PH because the alkaline from the DP is high and may cause some havic with the PH level. After you pickle it shave it then repickle, then neturalize it then tan it.

Frank's . . .

This response submitted by Scott on 10/17/00. ( )

. . . method may sound like too much work - awwwww to hell with it I'll just mount it DP; but let me assure you a tanned hide will be better for the mount in the ling run then DP! Take Frank's (right on) advice and do it right.

I meant . . .

This response submitted by Scott on 10/17/00. ( )

. . . the LONG run; not the LING run!

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