Question For Commercial Tanners.

Submitted by Jeff on 10/16/00. ( )

I am looking for a commercial tannery in North Central Mississippi. Does anyone have any recommendations? If so, when hides are sent to these tanneries, are the ready to mount when they are shipped back? If not, what is usually required prepare them? Thank you for your help.

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Remember . . .

This response submitted by Scott on 10/17/00. ( )

. . . a hide will shrink 15-25% when its tanned. You will need to learn how to stretch a hide if you use a commercial tanner (take your measurements BEFORE you send it off).

Partial Truth

This response submitted by Gary Kies on 10/17/00. ( )

As the owner of a commerical tannery with many satisifed clients, I must say Scott's response is only partially true. When you receive your tanned/dry cape from a tannery you would notice shrinkage, however, before mounting you will rehydrate and this will restore your original measurements. With our tan (Rittel's EZ-100) you should not have to stretch to get your original measurements, and often our customers tell us they can put them on bigger forms.

We are located in southern Michigan and if you feel we could be of service to you e-mail us your address and we will send you our brochure and price list. Gary Kies, K & K Tannery.


This response submitted by Mike on 10/20/00. ( )

I have used Rittel's EZ-100 and it works great. All of his products are very good I've never had any problem with anything I bought from Rittel's.
Try them. Good Luck

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